Humorous IRC documents and stories

For people looking for a good laugh...

Unfortunately, we currently have nothing for people "looking for a good laugh". Only funny docs for the technically minded people are currently available. If you have written a non-technical humorous IRC article or have a personal IRC-related story you wish to bounce our way for inclusion on this website, do so. Check the related news-item here.


For the more technologically minded...

The +nocuss patch
The +nocuss patch for IRCnet servers is a parody of the recent development of patches and US civil-rights regress. For a fulfilling read of the announcement, having UNIX and programming knowledge is of essence.

The IRC purity test
There's many kinds of purity tests. There's the real purity test, the kissing purity test, the 500 question purity test and then there's there IRC purity test, and... and, well, there's the IRC purity test and that's about it.



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