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For each 'yes' you get one point. The full score is 100, which means you are 0% pure, ie. you are one bad-ass mofo. It's pretty straightforward - The scores are counted by reducing the number of your "Yes" answers from the total of 100.

Here goes...

(1) Behaviour

1.1. Have you ever flamed or otherwise made someone feel very uncomfortable on IRC?

1.2. Frequently, and still keep doing it?

1.3. Have you knowingly spread falsable rumours about someone on IRC?

1.4 . More than once?

1.5. Do you treat opless or operless people badly?

1.6. Hell, I even treat the opers badly.

1.7. Then again, I do try to butter them up, too.

1.8. Would you file a complaint about your "best friend" if he did nasty things to you or others?

1.9. Hell, I already did.

1.10. After being specifically asked not to!

1.11. Have you ever whined for operator status on a channel or a server?

1.12. And succeeded?

1.13. More than once?

1.14. Have you ever cried over an IRC love-affair?

1.15. More than twice?

1.16. Made someone else cry over you on IRC?

1.17. Over a CHANNEL?

1.18. Have you ever talked technical just to make n00bs feel miserable?

1.19. And felt good about it?

1.20. Have you ever joined a channel only to flame its subject/a person on the channel?

1.21. A number of channels at the same time for the same reasons?

1.22. Do you often ignore people's questions just because you don't know the answer and wish to look smart but just idle?

1.23. Messages, too?

1.24. Do you basically ALWAYS ignore all messages and greets from strangers?

1.25. Would you ignore someone's questions just because s/he is using mIRC/BitchX/ShowDown Pro?

1.26. Ever gone to school/work just to get on IRC?

1.27. If not daily, at least weekly?

1.28. Ever checked IRC before breakfast to see if your client is still up (or whether channels are 'safe')?

1.29. And do that regularly?

1.30. Ever skipped a class/meeting just to get on IRC?

1.31. Ever been connected ten hours in a row?

1.32. If not daily, at least weekly?

1.33. Ever married anyone from IRC?

(2) Techie

2.1. Have you ever had a computer session that lasted more than one hour in which you did absolutely NOTHING techy?

2.2. You have those more often than the techy ones?

2.3. Honestly?

2.4. Do you plan on getting (or already have) a job which consists purely of IRC and net administration?

2.5. Would you be ready to change jobs (if they payed equal) just to get operator status or more bandwidth?

2.6. And have done that?

2.7. You know what is an O:line?

2.8. And you have one?

2.9. Actually, it's even on a considerably big net?

2.10. IN FACT, you have more than two of them there?

2.11. To get it straight, you would seem to have multiple O:lines in multiple nets?

2.12 . And you only wanted them to look cool?

2.13. You not only operate the servers, you are also involved with the administration?

2.14. And have worked with MXC's and file-descriptors?

2.15. Also developed something (vaguely?) related to this by yourself?

2.16. You are actually a part of the IRC development team, too?

2.17. In more than one IRC network?

2.18. No, but developed a client of your own?

2.19. Or a script of your own?

2.20. Or a bot of your own?

2.21. Or an IRC website of your own?

(3) Misbehaviour

3.1. Have you ever killed (or collided) someone?

3.2. Just because s/he was spamming?

3.3. Just because you didn't like his/her personality?

3.4. Just because of a channel/nickname?

3.5. Just because a friend asked you to?

3.6. And you didn't even care to ask him for a reason?

3.7. Just because you had a bad day?

3.8. And wanted to impress someone?

3.9. All of the above?

3.10. Have you ever flooded?

3.11. A person?

3.12. A channel?

3.13. A server/dialup?

3.14. An ISP in its wholeness?

3.15. Know what is an OOB?

3.16. And tried one on a wind0ze lamuh or another of the kind?

3.17. Over a hundred times?

3.18. Have you ever ping -f'ed?

3.19. Have you ever ICMP unreach-nuked?

3.20. Have you ever kill -9'ed?

3.21. And did it because of personal dislike?

3.22. Have you ever rm -rf /'ed?

3.23. And not because of a bad install or OS upgrade?

3.24. Have you ever crashed something - and later seriously claimed you didn't?

3.25. Have you ever spammed?

3.26. Ever pretended to understand a language by throwing all sentences into Babelfish?

3.27. And you do it regularly?

3.28. Ever recompiled an IRC-server only to enable remote kills ('K')?

3.29. On more than one server?

3.30. And got caught?

3.31. And delinked?

3.32. Ever pasted a private message to someone else unadvertedly?

3.33. Even after being specifically asked not to?

3.34. And assuring the sender you wouldn't?

3.35. Have you ever taken over a channel?

3.36. And set up bots for it, too?

3.37. Effectively having to cancel your date/meeting for the day or the night?

3.38. And did not bother notifying the date/boss about it, either?

3.39. Have you ever hacked anything?

3.40. Without permission?

3.41. And got caught?

3.42. And got BUSTED?

3.43. And actually turned completely white-hat after that?

3.44. And did it only to improve your purity test score?

3.45. No, but did something else to improve it?

3.46. And still plan on doing?

The IRC Purity Test v1 [(C) Ville Hakomaki, viha@IRCnet]