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Help and Support for IRC is not exactly a help-site for IRC, we more thrive to concentrate on things that interest people who already are on IRC or who administer or develop IRC themselves. There are luckily, however, many sites that will undoubtedly serve your needs with regards to getting help on using and installing IRC. is by far the most popular of them. It offers advice for people wanting to use IRC on practically any platforms and any network in multiple languages. That makes it a pretty good starting-point. For people already connected, many networks also offer a channel called #irchelp, with volunteers familiar with IRC willing to help the best they can if and when questions arise.


For the more courageous...

This is a direct link to the homepage of mIRC. mIRC is the most popular IRC-client for Windows. The site also features an Introduction to IRC and an Introduction to mIRC itself. The client has been designed easy to use and is thus the most recommended choice for a newbie wanting to familiarize him or herself with the world of IRC. Happy chatting.



This is a direct link to connect you to IRCnet via your web-browser. The user-interface is a bit ugly, but usable, if you have no other means of accessing IRC. Useful especially if you need to contact someone on IRC, but are unable to do so otherwise. You simply specify a nickname of your liking and where you want to join (say #irchelp) and off you go...


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