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IPv6 - How? What? Where?

First of all, what is IPv6?

IPv6 is a new Internet Protocol, meant to replace IPv4 (the current
IP-protocol) one day. It offers better flexibility, more security,
and on top of that - practically unlimited address space. The
transition will not happen at a certain time of the clock, actually
it has already begun - it's slowly making its way into the public

Hmm, how do I connect to an IPv6-IRC-site with my dialup?

You don't. Currently there is no way of connecting to a v6-site
directly from a v4-address. If you, however, want to get connected
for good, here are two ways of doing it:


Freenet6 offers free IPv6-connectivity to all dialup-boxes with
normal networking-capabilities. All the packets you wish to send
via IPv6 are routed thru your 6BONE provider. Thus if you
make a tunnel to Japan, it will be a tad silly to connect back to
your domestic site with it - this is, if you don't live in Japan.


If some of your friends or co-workers run IPv6-boxes, you could
politely try asking them to install a v6-capable proxy. This
would mean you can connect with it (SOCKS/WWW-browsing/such) to,
for example, v6-websites without having to do pratically anything

But how...?

Setting up IPv6-connectivity (with older OSes) is actually a bit
difficult. As time passes, better support is added, but some
operating-systems simply do not yet offer sufficient support for
IPv6. Proxying is the way to do it, then. But as for tunneling,
you can find a few good tutorials with the files you need at: (Linux) (Windows NT)