An update underway...

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November 2005 - This just in: If all goes according to plans, the site will receive massive updates (and already has) in the coming two months. Now, now... Let's realize all this is purely in planning, but if you have any ideas for content or quality links you would like included, e-mail me at with the subject " Update Suggestion" and we'll see what we can do.


New IRC RFCs published!

Posted by Viha


April 2000 - the IETF (Internet Engineering Task-Force) approved the most current technical drafts (authored by C Kalt) to be published and distributed as informational RFCs covering the present IRC (Internet Relay Chat) Architecture and Protocols.

This is a considerable step towards more exact and up-to-date documentation on the technical side of IRC.

The RFCs now published can be found as

These documents are already available on's official FTP-server, reachable at




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