KILLs, server or operator generated, have long been a plea on IRC networks. Some years ago, I was keeping some stats on how many KILLs were generated, but stopped. A year after The Great Split, I felt like it was time to have a new look at this topic and see if, as I thought, the problem has been improved, or if I was just dreaming.

It is difficult to do any comparison with the past as I don't have any good statistics left. It seems that the net hit 20k users in February 96. An old file shows that in October 96, I had recorded 1726818 server kills, and 16239 operator kills over 137 days.

Server KillsOperator Kills
137 days172681816239
daily average12604118

It's difficult to use these numbers as there is no track of the average number of users during that period. They are provided for your information.


We have two networks to look at, they have both chosen a different path in fighting nickname collisions (server kills). It's extremely difficult to do any valuable comparison between them for various reasons:

The two different features in short:


One day

Because I'm just doing this out of curiosity, I have only taken a 24 hour sample on both nets (from approximatively 20:30 EDT Monday 97/09/01). This isn't the best but should be enough for the conclusions I plan to not draw.

User count18192<24705<323769176<13167<17387
Oper count189<210<230112<120<130
Service countN/A2<3<4
Server count59<69<7061<66<68
Operator kills >=263 (<=284) 49
Server kills >=818 580
Same user server killsN/A>=167


Both methods are very efficient, and since they seem to work in opposite ways, I can already see people thinking (again) "let's combine them". Well, The Great Split was partly caused because nobody agreed to do this, I believe it'd be really sad to see it happen now. However, it isn't the reason why I still think it isn't worth it:
  1. the gain would be minimum.
  2. the cost of adding TS would be high (bandwidth & memory wise) [Sorry, I don't have any number on this anymore] (However, ND's cost is quite low: about 300Kb on IRCNet)
  3. both methods use a different philosophy and I believe it's good to explore various options. (IMO)

Christophe Kalt <kalt@stealth.net>