This document explains in detail how the new channels work.


As we all know, #channels are subject to collisions which have very annoying side effects. Channel Delay is intended to prevent the collisions, but is far from being perfect.

These new channels will make collisions extremely unlikely.

How does it work?

In order to make collisions impossible, the channel name is assiocated to a unique ID. The pair (name , ID) will thus be unique as well.

The channel real name is built by concatenating the ID and the short name, for example, channel "!foo" might be "!2B4dfoo". The ID has a constant length which makes it easy to separate it from the actual "friendly" name.

The channel creation must be requested. For example to create a the new channel foo, one must try to join "!!foo".

In addition to a unique name, these channels obey to soe new simple rules:

New modes

As channel collisions are eliminated, it is possible to enhance the mode system.