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1. Installing IRC.

1.1 The configure script

This package uses a GNU configure script for its configuration. You simply need to untar the distribution and run the ``configure'' script. This will run configure which will probe your system for any peculiarities it has and setup the Makefile and a file of default #define's ($arch/setup.h).

There are a few options to ``configure'' to help it out, or change the default behaviour:


changes the default directory into which ircd will install using ``make install''. This defaults to /usr/local


changes the default directory where the system admin executable files will go. It is important to set this properly. (default is prefix/sbin)


changes the default directory where the irc log files will go. (default is prefix/var/log/ircd)


changes the default directory where the irc server configuration files will go. (default is prefix/etc)


changes the default directory where the irc server state files will go. (default is prefix/var/run)


defines the file to be used by ircd to initialize its resolver. (default is /etc/resolv.conf)


specifies in which directory the include file from the zlib is located.


specifies in which directory the zlib library is located.


specifies the prefix for zlib location. It overrides the 2 previous options. (The include directory is supposed to be in prefix/include, and the library in prefix/lib).


is the default. ``configure'' looks on your system to find the zlib. If found, ircd will be linked using it. This does NOT mean you can use server link compression, for this you also need to define ZIP_LINKS (see section below).


tells ``configure'' not to look for the zlib. Defining this will keep you from using server link compression.


Enable IPv6 support (See notes below)


Enable Dynamically Shared Modules support for iauth

1.2 Notes for Cygwin32 users

The daemon of 2.10.3 release compiles properly on W32 systems which have the GNU-Win32 environment ( setup. At the time of the release, tests were made using the version b20.1 of the Cygwin32 library.

When compiling on such system, you want to make sure that you have carefully followed the Cygwin32 installation notes. In particular, you will need to make sure that the following files exist: /bin/cp.exe, /bin/mv.exe, /bin/rm.exe and /bin/sh.exe.

Also, the IRC server needs a resolv.conf file in order to initialize the resolver. This file can be anywhere (see configure options), and is typically in /etc on UNIX systems.

Finally, iauth is automatically disabled. Even though the iauth program compiles properly, extra work is required to have a working communication channel between the IRC server and the iauth program.

1.3 Notes concerning IPv6 support

The only part of the software that doesn't use IPv6 is the server internal resolver. It relies on the name servers defined in ``/etc/resolv.conf'' to be IPv4 addresses.

This version was tested on the following IPv6 systems: BSD/OS+KAME, Digital Unix, FreeBSD+KAME, Linux, NetBSD+INRIA.

Because IPv6 numeric addresses contain ``:'' characters, the separator for the server configuration file was changed to ``%''.

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