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6. Reporting a bug

If you encounter a bug in the software, here is how and where to report it.

6.1 How to report a bug

To save everyone time, make sure that your e-mail contains all the information related to your problem. In particular, we need to know:

Package version

The IRC software version you are using: please include the output obtained by running ``irc -v'' for the client, and/or ``ircd -v'' for the server.

Also, let us know if you have applied any patch to the package or if it is the vanilla version.


Please, indicate which OS version you are running.


If it is related to a configuration problem with the server, include the relevant parts of the configuration file.


If the bug results in a crash, please include the backtrace. (This can be done, for example, by running ``gdb'' on the core file, and typing ``where'').


If you have a fix, don't forget to include it.

6.2 Where to send a bug report

Reports should be sent to Your report will be reviewed and forwarded to the appropriate mailing list.

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